Welcome to Prevoyance Group - We help companies create high performing IT organizations. Too often, IT serves a cost to be minimized rather than a driver for business returns. Prevoyance Group helps you break technology out of the utility mode, and leverage IT to drive the execution of your business’ strategy. From developing and implementing a portfolio of strategic projects, to guidance on new and emerging technologies, we will help you transition IT from an ongoing cost to a competitive weapon.

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Move your IT organization from a cost to be mitigated to an engine for delivering strategic value and predictable returns with our Breakthrough IT Services. Discover where your IT shop sits on Prevoyance Group’s IT Evolutionary Model, and how to transition to a high-value, strategy-focused Breakthrough IT organization.

Technology is moving at a rapid pace, and has gone from a back-office function to a boardroom concern. Our Executive Briefings help you understand emerging technologies and the impacts to your organization with a variety of free and paid resources.

The Project Doctor suite of services takes a multifaceted approach to diagnosing, correcting and preventing failed IT projects. Project Doctor builds a comprehensive system to monitor and ensure the project stays on track and on-budget.  Partnering with clients, Prevoyance Group will institute tools to prevent and correct problems, and monitor your project over its entire lifecycle.

Have a few lingering doubts about that multi-year implementation? Struggling with a staffing or organizational challenge and wishing you had a second opinion? In need of a sounding board for a new idea before you take it to the CEO? Need help with challenges like these but don’t want the overhead of a full-blown consulting engagement? Then CIO 911 is perfect for you!

Struggling to select an implementation partner, software or hardware vendor? Unsure where the truth lies between sales pitches and implementation reality? Let Prevoyance Group manage your selection process and provide an independent view backed by years of industry experience.


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